Six Tips for Making Your Cardiovascular Marketing Website More Boomer Friendly

Making the user experience on your website more efficient and convenient in the eyes of Baby Boomers could pay big dividends.

Aging Boomers spending more time on the Internet is hardly a newsworthy headline.  We all know that older people, along with the rest of the population, spend a ton of time online.

However, it is somewhat startling to me, at least, that marketing to Boomers and marketing to “Seniors” is becoming somewhat synonymous.  I started my career working on a senior living account.  At 22, I was pretty sure I would never be as old as the people in my client’s target audience.

Somehow that’s changed over the years.  I was born in the last year possible to make me an “official” Boomer, so I’m starting to identify with some of the philosophies that guided our senior living client all those years ago.  Oh, well….  I recently came across this post with advice for making your website more Boomer friendly.

Here are some highlights from the post:

1.   Increase credibility.

  • Make the welcome page readable and uncluttered.
  • Use high-quality graphics and clear writing that reflects empathy with visitors’ needs.

2.   Recognize that images are powerful.

  • Increasing the number and size of images on the site can add to its emotional appeal.

3.   Avoid large sections of reverse type when possible.

  • As we age, reverse type becomes more difficult to read

4.   Avoid hyperbole.

  • Talk with consumers, not to them.
  • Make better connections with site visitors by using conversational language and avoiding technical, industry jargon.

5.   Think about colors used on the site.

  • Aging eyes can mean a reduced field of vision, loss of focus and difficulty in resolving images or distinguishing colors.
  • Some experts say it’s easier to see reds, oranges and yellows and harder to see blues, greens and violets.

6.   Use outbound hypertext links to other interesting sites.

  •  Linking to other sites can build a sense of community and show category leadership.

I’d say these are actually pretty good tips to boost site effectiveness with all of our audiences, not just the (aging) Boomers.


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