Seven Reasons to Pair SEO and PR in Cardiovascular Marketing Strategies

If you’re not incorporating search engine optimization into your media relations strategy, you may be missing out on opportunities.

Earned media and organic search engine rankings are increasingly interdependent. With so many traditional media outlets moving into the digital space, media relations strategies have to keep pace.

Here are seven good reasons to incorporate search engine optimization into your PR processes:

1. Reach Journalists where they’re looking.

Research shows that journalists are changing their behavior in researching stories. Optimizing news content and digital assets presents a significant opportunity to “be” where journalists are looking.

2.         Search extends reach of PR & communications.

Your content may be of value to many audiences outside of the media.   Patients, prospective patients, physicians and potential employees are influenced by news content. Optimizing what can be searched extends the reach of PR and communications efforts far beyond traditional news distribution channels.

3. Increase unsolicited media placements.

Web sites that optimize and promote news content receive unsolicited mentions from industry news sites, blogs, online and offline publications. Optimizing news content for search can increase the effectiveness of traditional media relations outreach efforts.

4. Bypass media channels: direct to consumer

It’s important to have a content strategy for news because it fortifies your brand.  Optimized content can be searched for and found by anyone:  patients, prospective patients, physicians and potential employees to name a few.

5. Optimized PR facilitates marketing goals

Online news content is often republished, through blogs and other social networks. A link-building strategy can drive direct traffic to your site and increase search visibility due to the influence of links.

6. Protect your brand & online reputation

“Lack of control” is often cited as a fear of online marketers. However, organizations that publish content can ensure that it is optimized for brand terms, products,  names and any other brand asset they wish to protect in the search results.

“Don’t wait until someone creates a web site that ranks #1 for your brand name to start working on your search results reputation. Be proactive about optimizing content on and especially, off the corporate web site for brand names,” says Lee Odden of TopRank Online Marketing Blog.

7. Demonstrate more value from PR & Communications

If you’re like my clients, you’re being asked to produce more results with fewer budget dollars these days. Search traffic earned through optimized news content can help you show results that are directly attributable to your efforts.

If you have examples of search strategies that are working for your organization, I’d love to hear from you.

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